A Grammar of Mandarin by Jeroen Wiedenhof

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By Jeroen Wiedenhof

A desirable description of a world language, A Grammar of Mandarin combines vast views with illuminating intensity. filled with examples from daily conversations, it goals to allow the language converse for itself. The ebook opens with an outline of the language scenario and a radical account of Mandarin speech sounds. 9 middle chapters discover syntactic, morphological and lexical dimensions. a last bankruptcy strains the chinese language personality script from oracle-bone inscriptions to today’s electronic pens.
This paintings will cater to language beginners and linguistic experts alike. effortless reference is supplied by means of greater than 80 tables, figures, appendices, and a thesaurus. the most textual content is enriched via sections in finer print, delivering extra research and mirrored image. instance sentences are absolutely glossed, translated, and defined from varied angles, with a willing eye for fresh linguistic switch. This grammar, in brief, unearths a Mandarin language in complete swing.

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34 2 Phonetics and phonology In Mandarin, this distinction between voiced and voiceless consonants is of little relevance, even though it exists marginally. Instead, the major division is that between UNASPIRATED consonants, b- , d- , g- , z- , zh- , j- ; and ASPIRATED consonants, p- , t- , k- , c- , ch- , q- .

E. a specialist of mantra ‘holy text’. 6 The description of Mandarin Mandarin is the subject of widespread linguistic attention both inside and outside China, especially when compared with the large number of undescribed languages in the world. Reference grammars of Mandarin are widely available, and the sheer number of speakers is a fair guarantee for the survival of their language. But despite appearances, Mandarin’s status as a well-described language is partly fctitious. For languages with a long literary tradition, academic knowledge of the spoken language usually lags behind the study of written sources, and Mandarin is no exception.

Compare Pulleyblank (1984a: 58) for the historical relation between low tone and creaky voice. In most contexts, the third tone is realized as falling from half-low to low (21). Since the fall itself is not needed for recognition purposes, a low level tone (11) may serve as an acceptable variant in initial language training. g. 4). Both in Beijing and in Taiwan Mandarin, the rise may be dropped before a pause, even in its citation form (Sanders 2008). These third tones without a rising ending before a pause also occur in expressions added as an afterthought: Lái, nǐ.

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