A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification: A Comprehensive by Mughal K. A., Rasmussen R.

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By Mughal K. A., Rasmussen R.

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Java ist auch eine Insel

Diese Auflage des Java-Kultbuches wurde gründlich überarbeitet, aktualisiert und erweitert. Besonders Einsteiger mit Programmierkenntnissen und Industrieprogrammierer profitieren von diesem umfassenden Werk. Tipps und methods aus den Java-FAQs werden regelmäßig mit in die Insel aufgenommen, um wirklich das abzudecken, used to be Sie im Alltag brauchen.

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The keyword new, together with the constructor call Pizza("Hot&Spicy"), creates an object of class Pizza. The reference to this object is assigned to the variable yummyPizza. The newly created object of class Pizza can now be manipulated through the reference stored in this variable. 12, p. 64). 11 Range of Character Values Datatype Width (bits) Minimum Unicode value Maximum Unicode value char 16 0x0 0xffff The char datatype encompasses all the 65536 (216) characters in the Unicode character set as 16-bit values.

This determines what objects a reference variable can denote. Pizza yummyPizza; // Variable yummyPizza can reference objects of class Pizza. Hamburger bigOne, // Variable bigOne can reference objects of class Hamburger, smallOne; // and so can variable smallOne. It is important to note that the declarations above do not create objects of class Pizza or Hamburger. They only create variables which can store references to objects of these classes. A declaration can also include an initializer to create an object that can be assigned to the reference variable: Pizza yummyPizza = new Pizza("Hot&Spicy"); // Declaration with initializer.

3 Variable Declarations Declaring, Initializing and Using Variables Variables in Java come in three flavors: • Instance variables that are members of a class and are instantiated for each object of the class. e. objects, of the class will have their own instances of these variables, which are local to the object. The values of these variables at any given time constitute the state of the object. 10, p. 121). • Local variables (also called method automatic variables), which are declared in methods and in blocks, are instantiated for each invocation of the method or block.

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