A Reappraisal of the Ascending Systems in Man, with Emphasis by Prof. Dr. Enrico Marani, Dr. Jaap H.R. Schoen (auth.)

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By Prof. Dr. Enrico Marani, Dr. Jaap H.R. Schoen (auth.)

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In H5412 these bursts are not limited to the lateral part (Fig. 1B, b,c,d) but also extend into the adjoining medial part of the nucleus ventralis posterior (Fig. 1B, a). Dorsal to the nucleus of the centre médian, degeneration is also present in the internal medullary lamina and in the nucleus centralis lateralis. Degeneration in the centre médian seems to pass through, not terminate in this nucleus. Discussion on Spinal Ascending Systems 27 4 Discussion on Spinal Ascending Systems The course of the ascending degeneration following lesions of the spinal cord in the human brain stem had already been settled around the turn of the century, nineteenth to twentieth, that is, with the Marchi techniquer (Marchi and Algeri 1885) and essentially no new pathways have been added since.

The opposite medial lemniscus is similar in that at this level it contains only the ml1 component. At the caudal pole of the juxtarestiform body, however, the contralateral medial lemniscus conspicuously lacks its dorsolateral half, when compared to the homolateral one. This confirms the position of the other ml2 component as described in normal material. At caudal pontine levels this situation is unchanged, but more rostrally the lack of the ml2 component becomes concealed by the intermingling of the ml components.

After intruding into the outer portion of the ventrolateral funiculus they split into smaller bundles that proceed into the restiform body where they become lost. In Nauta-stained sections they accompany and terminate in the cell groups of Braak’s nucleus marginalis disseminatus and in other cell groups surrounding the restiform body such as the lateral reticular nucleus, promontorium, repagulum, group “X”, and pontobulbar body (unpublished observations). The small cells located at the surface of the dorsal spinocerebellar tract at high cervical levels also receive fibers from the pyramid and should be included in this category.

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