Advances in Sulphonation Techniques: Liquid Sulphur Dioxide by Navin G. Ashar

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By Navin G. Ashar

This e-book provides a whole, in-depth research for at the effect of liquid sulfur dioxide and liquid sulfur trioxide to hold out complicated and tough sulfonations, in addition to manufacture of sulfuric acid with a CAPEX requirement of under part, a space requirement below one-third, and no emission of sulfur dioxide. The procedures defined during this quantity represents an cutting edge technique correct to the present production techniques of sulfuric acid, sulfamic acid, para toluene sulfonic acid and different sulfonated product.

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A block diagram is given in Fig. 2: Sulphur trioxide gas is received from the main Sulphuric Acid plant by boiling oleum. Hot Sulphur trioxide is cooled and condensed in SO3 Condenser and stored in SO3 Storage Tank. Likewise, liquid Sulphur is received in a Day Tank. Molten sulphur and liquid SO3 are pumped in the reactor at regulated rates using metering pumps. The reactor is initially charged with 25 % oleum from the overhead tank. The temperature of the reaction is maintained by circulation of hot/cold water using vessels and pumps respectively.

NEAT’s process deals with use of liquid sulphur and liquid sulphur trioxide under pressure (8 to 10 kg/cm2) to produce pure sulphur dioxide at relatively low temperature without need for compression or refrigeration. G. 1007/978-3-319-22641-5_4 27 28 4 Manufacture of Liquid Sulphur Dioxide Fig. 2 Thermodynamic and Kinetic Consideration of the NEAT’s Process It is interesting to note that a highly exothermic nature of sulphur oxidation in a furnace at about 1000 °C can be carried out at reasonably low temperatures 50– 110 °C in a pressurised reactor.

Also, it is widely used for producing quality paper by preparing Sulphite pulp. G. 1007/978-3-319-22641-5_6 41 6 Techno Economic Evaluation of Processes Involved … 42 for producing viscose rayon. Lately liquid Sulphur dioxide has become a major component in petroleum refining and sulphonation reactions. 2 History Sulphur dioxide on industrial scale has been manufactured in the early twentieth century. The advent of contact process in the thirties opened the door for new techniques to produce pure Sulphur dioxide.

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