An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with QT 4 (Bruce by Alan Ezust, Paul Ezust

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By Alan Ezust, Paul Ezust

Examine C++, styles, and Qt four Cross-Platform DevelopmentMaster C++ and layout styles jointly, utilizing the world's prime open resource framework for cross-platform improvement: Qt four. An creation to layout styles in C++ with Qt four is an entire instructional and reference that assumes no prior wisdom of C, C++, items, or styles. you will stroll via each center inspiration, one step at a time, studying via an in depth selection of Qt 4.1-tested examples and routines. by the point you are performed, you may be growing multithreaded GUI functions that entry databases and manage XML files--applications that run on structures together with home windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X. better of all, you can be writing code that is effective, reusable, and stylish. study items speedy: periods, inheritance, polymorphism, and extra grasp robust layout styles notice effective high-level programming innovations utilizing libraries, generics, and bins construct graphical purposes utilizing Qt widgets, versions, and perspectives research complex concepts starting from multithreading to reflective programming Use Qt's integrated sessions for gaining access to MySQL info contains a entire C++ language reference

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Diese Auflage des Java-Kultbuches wurde gründlich überarbeitet, aktualisiert und erweitert. Besonders Einsteiger mit Programmierkenntnissen und Industrieprogrammierer profitieren von diesem umfassenden Werk. Tipps und tips aus den Java-FAQs werden regelmäßig mit in die Insel aufgenommen, um wirklich das abzudecken, was once Sie im Alltag brauchen.

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This allows you to write programs that have usefully unpredictable behavior patterns. Write a program that simulates a dice game that the user can play with the computer. Here are the rules to apply to your game: ■ The game is about repeated “throws” of a pair of dice. ■ Each die has six faces, which are numbered 1 through 6. ■ A throw results in a number that is the total of the two top faces. ■ The first throw establishes the player’s number. ■ If that number is 7 or 11, the player automatically wins.

36 const* and *const . . . . . . . . . . 40 Reference Variables . . . . . . . . . ” It enhances C by adding several higher-level features such as strong typing, data abstraction, references, operator and function overloading, and considerable support for objectoriented programming. C++ retains the key features that have made C such a popular and successful language: speed, efficiency, and a wide range of expressiveness that allows programming at many levels, from the lowest (such as direct operating system calls or bitwise operations) to the highest level (manipulating large complex objects or graphs of objects).

6 INPUT AND OUTPUT 17 E X A M P L E 1 . cpp #include #include int main() { using namespace std; const int THISYEAR = 2006; string yourName; int birthYear; cout << " What is your name? " cin >> yourName; << flush; cout << "What year were you born? " ; cin >> birthYear; cout << "Your name is " << yourName << " and you are approximately " << (THISYEAR - birthYear) << " years old. 10 Manipulators are implicit calls to functions that can change the state of a stream object in various ways.

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