Analysis, modeling and control of doubly-fed induction by Petersson Andreas

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By Petersson Andreas

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3 Field Orientation In order to control the rotor current of a DFIG by means of vector control, the reference frame has to be aligned with a flux linkage. One common way is to control the rotor currents with stator-flux orientation [46, 61, 80, 99], or with air-gap-flux orientation [107, 110]. If the stator resistance is considered to be small, stator-flux orientation gives orientation also with the stator voltage [17, 61, 68]. According to [17], pure stator-voltage orientation can be done without any significant error.

C ONVERTER C HARACTERISTIC DATA (IGBT AND I NVERSE D IODE ). 8 mΩ 43 mJ 86 mJ 128 mJ 171 mJ losses can, with the above-mentioned approximation, be written as √ 2 2 2 . 4) The switching losses of the transistor can be considered to be proportional to the current, for a given dc-link voltage, as is assumed here [2]. 6) Irms π IC,nom π where Eon and Eoff are the turn-on and turn-off energy losses, respectively, for the transistor, Err is the reverse recovery energy for the diode and IC,nom is the nominal current through the transistor.

37) where superscript s indicates stator coordinates. 39) vs stator voltage; Ψs stator flux; ΨR rotor flux; vR rotor voltage; stator current; Rs stator resistance; is RR rotor resistance; iR rotor current; ω1 synchronous frequency; ω2 slip frequency. 42) where LM is the magnetizing inductance, Lσ is the leakage inductance, and np is the number of pole pairs. 43) where J is the inertia and Ts is the shaft torque. The quantities and parameters of the Γ model relate to the Park model (or the T representation) as follows: ir ΨR = γΨr γ Lσ = γLsλ + γ 2 Lrλ vR = γvR iR = RR = γ 2 Rr Lsλ + Lm Lm = γLm .

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