Effects of three years of piano instruction on children’s by Eugenia Costa-Giomi

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By Eugenia Costa-Giomi

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To be defective like a vessel contaminated with poison, by mixing [what you have heard] with delusive views. 1 [TO BE DEFECTIVE LIKE AN UPSIDE-DOWN VESSEL] While listening to the Dharma, without letting your earconsciousness be distracted elsewhere, <10> you must focus on the sound communicating the Dharma and listen. If you do not listen thus, it will be like pouring an essential substance" into a vessel which has been set upside down. Although you are physically present in the religious gathering, you will not hear a single word of the Dharma.

It is said that] it will survive the destruction of the aeon and the cataclysmic forces of the elements, and will remain like a sickle hanging in the air, with the Bodhi tree at its center. With Bodhgaya as their hub, [all] the other cities of India are regarded as geographically central countries. In the spiritual sense, <28> a central country is one in which the Buddhist Dharma prevails, Countries other than these are called borderlands/" Thus, although India was regarded as a central country both in the spiritual and geographical sense from the time the Buddha appeared on this earth until the Buddha-Dharma disappeared from India, at this time even Bodhgaya has been seized by heretics, and Buddhism is said to be found there no morc/" Hence, as regards the Dharma, India too is now a borderland.

To apprehend the wrong meaning of the words. 1 [NOT TO APPREHEND THE MEANING] If you pay attention only to beautiful words that are sweet to hear, and neglect to determine the important meaning, you are like a child picking flowers. The sound of the words <17> will not benefit your mind. 2 [NOT TO APPREHEND THE WORDS] You may regard the narrative as the dregs of the discourse, intentionally ignore it, and clutch at the important meaning. But since there is no meaning that is not based on words, the words and the meaning will separate.

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