Fracture of Nonmetals and Composites by H. Liebowitz

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By H. Liebowitz

Fracture: a complicated Treatise, quantity VII: Fracture of Nonmetals and Composites examines the fracture of nonmetals and composites. The textual content of this treatise has been designed in order that the reader may perhaps collect pertinent details via self-study. such a lot chapters were written intimately and, insofar as attainable, were made to fill an important hole by means of additionally offering, while applicable, the main points of advanced and concerned mathematical derivations in appendixes. at any time when attainable, just a point of faculty calculus at the a part of the reader has been assumed. Numerical examples exhibiting the engineering functions were incorporated; additionally, photos and drawings were vastly applied.
The ebook opens with a evaluate of the fracture habit of glass. this is often through separate chapters at the fracture of polymeric glasses; mechanics of the fracture strategy in rock, with emphasis at the engineering perspective; the fracture habit of easy, single-phase ceramics; and empirical information regarding, and our point of figuring out of, fracture in polycrystalline ceramics. next chapters take care of the fracture of elastomers; molecular mechanical features of the isothermal rupture of elastomers; failure mechanics of fibrous composites; fracture mechanics of composites; fracture and therapeutic of compact bones; and fracture of two-phase alloys; and fracture of lake ice and sea ice.

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In mathematical form, the resulting equations for size effect, crack-propagation rate, strength variability, and static fatigue all seem reasonable. However, they are so similar to relationships which can be derived from the Griffith theory that, as yet, there is no clear-cut way to choose between them. Although objections have been made to Poncelet's concept, no definitive experiments have been devised to test it. Marsh (1964) has presented some quite striking evidence that, even at room temperature or below, glasses can flow plastically under high stresses.

The properties of the thermoset materials are also usually improved by the incorporation of fillers of various kinds. Fabrication of components from thermoplastic materials is effected by injection into a mold cavity, or by extrusion through a die at temperatures sufficiently high to render the materials fluid. Both of these processes may result in significant extents of molecular and/or structural orientation in the finished article. This chapter will be concerned primarily with the fracture properties of thermoplastic materials, particularly the amorphous glasses.

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